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MythemeShop Coupon

If you are looking for innovative WordPress Themes or Plugins which can make your tasks on the website easy, then you have landed at the right place. Because MyThemeShop comes with bundled with options to optimize the loading speed of your website. Edit your website's layout using the provided drag and drop homepage sections. Fiddle around with your website's design till you find the combination that works for your your audience.
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Use the coupon code below


MythemeShop Coupon

Get upto 10% (Max $10) off an entire MythemeShop collection of beautiful Purple, Lawyer, Rizen, Reactor and other WordPress themes. If the 10% (Max $10) off coupon shows expire for you then try this link for latest coupon codes.

If you are Professional or Hobby Blogger, Company or Agency Website, Niche or Portfolio website creator, then “MyThemeShop Coupon” article is only for you. Because you do not need to sacrifice design for usability, and UX for monetization. All the themes are user-friendly, loads fast, has attactive color scheme, converts unlike anything you have ever seen, and all are 100% SEO-friendly. Most awesome part is that you are getting upto 50% discount (Max $26) using this MyThemeShop Coupon code.

If this MyThemeShop coupon get expired then you can visit this link for new coupon code.

Why Choose MyThemeShop?

If we talk about the advantages of  MyThemeShop as WordPress templates, then this article will become long wiki page. Although it is not possible to mention all the advantages here, I have listed some numerous ways of leveraging MyThemeShop for the best responsive websites:-

  • It is extremely easy to install in a click and has a simple documentation method for a quick set up without much hassle
  • User-friendly interface which offers smooth navigation with clear instructions
  • Security is given priority as they don’t want customers to lose their efforts and money
  • Mythemeshop helps in building fast loading websites
  • You can be worry-free even if the product doesn’t work as they have strict money back policies
  • You can have access to unlimited licenses for each of your websites
  • Gorgeous themes that make websites look modish, responsive and cool
  • Mythemeshop understands the importance of search engine friendly websites
  • They build ultra responsive designs which fit perfectly in any screen size


They usually charge $19 to $59 for each theme which you can use upto three websites. For a membership subscription, you can expect to pay $19-$39 every year after your initial payment. For this price you get access to MyThemeShop’s full library of themes to use, plus any new releases. There is an Extended Membership plan of $99.47 where you will get A-Z of MyThemeShop Products like grants access to all themes, all plugins, all PSDs and extra support for client project.

Save With WPCrons

We always feel pleasure while saving your hard earned money. That’s because we’ve come to offer WPCrons readers 35% any purchase. To take advantage of this, simple enter this Coupon at the checkout page.

How to Redeem MythemeShop Coupon Code?

MyThemeShop Coupon Code helps you get a awesome discount on all of their themes and plugins. All you have to do is follow the instructions below to properly redeem the MyThemeShop Coupon Code, so you can get the discount on MyThemeShop Themes and plugins.

Just click on the “Show Coupon Code” button given above, this will open in a new tab and you can see the coupon on the pop-up, now click copy and open MyThemeShop tab or you can visit the MyThemeShop Themes website using this link on WPCrons.

This will take you to the MyThemeShop’s website where you need to click on the ‘View our Themes & Plugins’ or you may scroll down to choose your favorite theme which you want to purchase.

MyThemeShop Coupon

This will let you to the Themes and Plugin list. Now, you can select the theme or plugin which meet your requirements.

MyThemeShop Theme list

Now, Click on the ‘Details’ button to go to the product details page.

MyThemeShop purple license page

On this page the quantity of license you need and click ‘Get it Now’ button.

You’ll now see your cart showing the total pricing for the theme you selected. In the ‘ have a coupon field, you can enter our MyThemeShop Themes Coupon code. This will save some weight of your pocket for sure.

MyThemeShop proceed to checkout

Next,You need to click the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button and this will send you to the Billing Details page.

Now, You’ll notice that the MyThemeShop coupon code is applied successfully.

MyThemeShop coupon complete purchage

Finally, Click on the ‘Complete Payment’ button and pay via Paypal or Stripe to complete your purchase.

We hope you found our MyThemeShop Coupon Code to be helpful. Please check out other WordPress coupons and deals here.

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