The Top 5 WordPress Themes for Video Vlogs

In this article, we are going to introduce The Top 5 WordPress Themes for Video Vlogs in front of you. As the web becomes a more interactive medium, many bloggers are making the transition to include more multimedia elements into their vlogs, such as photos and videos. While the majority of bloggers still use text as their primary communication medium and simply supplement it with the other multimedia elements, there is a small but growing percentage of bloggers who are making the complete transition to video.

Whether you call them video bloggers, vloggers or simply bloggers, these people are using a different method to connect with their audiences. Therefore, it seems logical that they would want a theme with different features than a standard blog. Whether you are just getting into the world of video blogging or have been doing it for some time, I’ve gathered the five best free themes for any blogger focused on video. You can use one of these themes to launch a new video blog or to give your existing vlog a fresh look.

1. VideoHost

VideoHost is a mobile-friendly, beautiful, and fully functional WordPress video theme. With this theme, you can set up your own video sites quickly.

The Top 5 WordPress Themes for Video Vlogs

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2. Video by Thememyshop

Video is a WordPress theme that is built for blogs that have media such as videos. With a like/dislike feature, watch later feature, playlist, low bounce rate, integration with YouTube for view counts, and all the features you expect from MyThemeShop such as search engine optimization, you need Video for your site.


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3. Visual Composer

Although Visual composer is not a WordPress theme you can use it to create your video vlog. Visual Composer is a popular WordPress website builder plugin. This drag and drop page builder allows you to create a website without knowing any code easily. It includes some premium templates, elements, and extensions to help you’re to design awesome pages as your wish. You can even edit your website’s header and footer easily. You can edit A to Z of your website, that’s why it is called website builder.


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4. Divi

Divi is a premium WordPress Theme and standalone WordPress plugin from Elegant themes that allows users to build websites using the visual drag-and-drop Divi page builder. Elegant Themes’ Divi is a visual page builder and makes it easy to build websites without the need to know any code such as HTML, CSS, or PHP.


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5. Vidiho Pro

Vidiho Pro

A beautiful design for video bloggers that speaks for itself. With this theme, your video content will be elegantly promoted and put first. The theme has a big featured video slider, a minimalist interface, and video portfolios presented in a modern, appealing way.


  • supports both embedded and uploaded videos,
  • flexible layout options,
  • compatibility with page builders,
  • multiple color schemes,
  • custom Elementor modules,
  • easy to customize header and footer,
  • floating videos.

Live Demo   |   Download Now

Hope you find this article useful. Which one is the best video blogging theme as per your experience? Feel free to share your comment and also share this article on social media to help others.

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